Aerial trips

Enjoy the world from the birds' point of view. I do touristic flights in light airplanes.

Need for flying? Now you can. You can decide the track, with depature from Padova or elsewhere. For booking a flight, contact me:andrea.sicuro@volaresicuro.itIt will be an experience you'll never forget.

If you are scared about flying, no worries: I know the tecniques for making flying just a pleasure.

Just let me know some days before the intended track, depature and destination sites.

The sole limitation is wheather realted: in case of poor visibility, low clouds, thunderstorm or strong wind, the flight must be done in another day.

Aeronautical information.

For know some more about flying, aircrafts, air traffic and navigation, or whatever question you have: contact me.

Do you thing flying is difficult? Maybe...but if you have any question about, I'll be glad to answer you.

Do you wonder how an airplane can fly? How does the GPS or a jet engine work? You hear by the tv about flight recorders, moving surfaces, radar and much more and you want to know what they are? (tv descriptions are often not so correct...) Let me know what you are interested in.


Websites about wheather, airports info, important organization about fliying, etc...  Very complete wheather website, with forecasts, animations and satellite images. For experts and not. Another well done weather website, with forecasts, models, software, maps about wind, pressure, rainfall etc... European medium and long term wheather forecast website. On the section "Aviation wheather" all the coded bulletins (metars, tafs etc...) can be found by entering the ICAO four letters airport codes. Very useful, but suggested to experts only. Worldwide satellite images available. The Italian civil aviation authority website Useul site for sport flyers, but also for "seroious" pilots: airports and airstrips list for every region of Italy and more other services. The Italian "pilot shop" website: all the equipment that a pilot need. Aero club of Italy website.

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